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Updated: Apr 26, 2022

hello! if you've stumbled across this blog for whatever reason, welcome! this is pretty much where i'll post random poetry and lyrics and other writing because sometimes people get tired of hearing me cry and/or rant to them :,)

and sometimes we have some thoughts or feelings that are a bit too personal to tell someone directly...

so naturally, i thought the most logical course of action was posting them on the internet instead!

anywhooo in the music category you can find lyrics to my original songs-- currently out now on all digital music platforms-- because idk maybe sometimes i sing and all you can make out is "i bet bfjsdbsjdgdj baby ?? fndnjfnjwjfbdjsbj forget ?" which is fair because i actually forget my own lyrics an embarrassing amount of times...

next! letters in the lyrics describes the stories or meanings behind the lyrics of my songs because they're often if not always based on real experiences but magnified (because i lack a variety of healthy coping mechanisms with 'em besides self-deprecating humour and memes) therefore! i've learned to write and turn the sadness or anger into an ~art~ i can share and maybe become #relatable. the title of the category is based on the lyric written by Maisie Peters (I love her, she's amazing, i highly recommend you listen to her music) from her song, Best I'll Ever Sing where she describes the process of writing and how "every lyric is a letter that i'll never send" and how it has this unique way of making "every moment immortalised." I think it's an absolutely beautiful masterpiece of a song that I can relate to as a songwriter and heartbroken teenage girl, crying while Maisie's emo girl pop angelic voice serenades me from my speakers <3

too honest poetry is pretty self-explanatory. sometimes i feel like some emotions are too strong and #deep to put simply and bluntly so i bury it in a metaphor that may or may not be such a reach no one would get what i'm trying to convey or so cliché that it's too shallow to truly capture my message. either way i pour my heart and soul, writing and rewriting poems to be coherent and flow and rhyme all while trying to replicate the emotions that inspired it. most of my poems lack consistent structural features, like stanzas, leaving it with a lack of organisation and excessive length that my english teachers would probably not approve of. however, i can't always help that it all just comes to me in a continuous stream of free thought, all jumbled up and confused, so i guess that just reflects my head space. i've also been inspired a lot by a girl called Stephanie Strauss (@drivestraightaheadswift & @drivestraightaheadpoems on instagram) who i've been following for a shared love of Taylor Swift and whose poetry i love. she's just published her book, Hopscotch Brain (y'all should buy and read) so that's really cool and part of the reason i've been inspired to put out my own poetry somewhere.

and back to the topic of my chaotic thought processes, bit of a ramble is where my other writing and venting and i'm-not-quite-sure-what-to-call-it will be when i can't quite get all the thoughts and feelings to fit in a poem or song.

alrighty! feel free to check in all posts if you're feeling ~adventurous~ or i guess try out making an account on here (not really sure what that does yet,,,someone be my guinea pig pls) and comment, like, or add posts into community and stuff. yeah...


thanks so much x

-nyah rylie

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