if i died tomorrow

Updated: Mar 3, 2020

if i died tomorrow i'd want to have lived

i'd want my bucket list to be a list of things that i did

i'd want my mind to be an archive of great stories to tell

i'd want our motto to have been "oh fuck it, what the hell"

if i died tomorrow i'd want to have loved 

and know how sunrise looks in the face of The One

i'd want to have found that safe haven embrace 

and know how it feels when two souls interlace

i'd want movie montage moments with a stomach full from butterflies  

and for once allowed to get lost in somebody's eyes 

i'd want to know morning tea right to entangled nights 

and how cupid's arrow could withstand the worst flaws and fights 

i'd want to not have had to miss somebody else 

but still not have given up the love meant for myself 

i'd want my youth to have been filled with reckless abandon

in the name of chasing every single one of our passions

in dances with death himself and little flings with fate 

i hope we'll never look back and think it was too late

i hope burning throats and hazy heads lead to only laugh it off mistakes 

and that we finally found our reasons that we want to stay awake

i hope on top of the world moments don't make you scared of heights

and when they ask again, "how are you?" we finally feel alright 

i hope there's no unsaid words in a lump in my throat 

or in torn up letters or never sent notes 

i hope that "i love you" was never one of my regrets

and i hope that i took chances with all of my bets

i hope i would have found my way back home to you

and we got a chance to do all we wanted to do 

if i died tomorrow i hope you'd be by my side

till the earth takes me back with her arms open wide

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