lovers & other fools

Updated: Mar 3

to fall in love is that of a fool's errors

and to become the fool is my greatest terror

because only through the naively painted rose tint of a lens,

could the lover believe that their beloved is truly crafted by a god's own hands, 

if not one themselves

so I do not build that high shelf

on which to place a fraud upon 

letting thoughts of reason be so easily gone 

for only a fool would become tangled in such bonds 

to trust another is a grave mistake

that I have sworn myself to never again make 

to prevent what has been done be done twice over, 

history will not repeat itself nor ignorance have its takeover, 

as I am worn from crying out to what seems a deaf lover 

with eyes closed when I look into them

because I do not have their soul 

though they peel back my eyelids

and with that, my livelihood they'd stole 

love's mistress is doom

for they both go hand in hand towards oblivion

with the aid of borrowed time and the adrenaline

of a futile attempt to outrun the inevitable

some find that fate preferable 

to being alone 

but I don't 

because the so called prize of love is fool's gold

and all the tales that time has told 

are nothing but works of fiction 

and the product of infatuated addictions

wherein my once blind heart had to force open its eyes to hear the pain, to feel the lies 

and break the curse of being hypnotised 

like cruel love's kiss, a dizzy spell, 

a truth I swear that I would yell, 

that all love be damned, as life's greatest scam.

~the things i swore before i fell for you

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