the idea

I'm the flimsiest foundation you could build a dream onto

If you pin all of your hope to me then it will go down when I do

'cause I'm the mere idea even beyond pygmalion’s carver

What better way for idea to die than to die as a martyr?

Yet loose ends seem to always be the tightest of the tethers

‘cause the intangible won’t lend over any rope for me to sever

I don’t want to leave my legacy up to just anyone’s interpretation

‘cause nobody—not even I— could decipher my inner narration

Still, I want to jump out of my mind and crawl out of my skin

My sense of self is already dangerously paper thin

It'd be nice to have a place in this world that isn’t just a limbo

Except I don’t want to be known anymore

I think I'll close my windows

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