Updated: Apr 18

isn’t it a trend to feel so depressed?

i feel hideous but i’m still best dressed

i think i’m the worst when i try my very best 

wanna make me feel better? honey be my guest

once you’ve lost everything 

you’ve got nothing to lose

so forget everything

do what you’ve wanted to do 

make me feel pretty say you wanna be me 

skin clings to my bones so i’m praised for being skinny

tell me i’m your baby and i’ll tell you you’re crazy

flatter me to turn the no i gave you into maybe

and when i fall apart

they’ll write me poetry 

they’ll call my pain art 

make it up with sorry’s 

isn’t it a trend to feel like you’re dead?

i wanna feel alive so i’m a little reckless 

isn’t it a shame when people start to blame

everybody else when i’m cursing my own name?

you’ll see me on the screens

painting the perfect life 

a modern masterpiece

hell looks like paradise


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