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you - nyah rylie

nyah rylie

Toronto born and London based, 20-year-old nyah rylie is a Filipino-Canadian singer/songwriter who mainly collaborates with her younger brother and producer, dylan liam. As the composer behind their co-written songs, the inspiration drawn from J-Rock has resulted in the unique alternative/indie rock sound they have as of late. On the other hand, her solo music favours a more stripped down, acoustic feel that conveys the raw emotion — from melancholy to rage, and a whole lot of heartbreak — behind the lyrics she writes. She looks up to artists such as Taylor Swift, beabadoobee, Phoebe Bridgers, and Maisie Peters.

nyah has been writing her own music since the age of 13, but singing since she could sing along to and act out scenes in Disney princess movies. As she travelled and moved across countries through her teen years, her passion for music was a constant, as she worked with musicians and producers internationally, and featured in iHeartRadio’s ‘Unsigned Hawaii’ podcast for 93.9 The Beat

Music, for her, is the place where she can pour her deepest feelings and most honest thoughts unapologetically. She hopes that through her songs, she can connect not only with the most vulnerable parts of herself, but with those who relate to the experiences she writes about— so that they may find solace in the fact that somebody understands.

nyah rylie is currently studying Contemporary Media at the University of Westminster in London as the sibling duo continues to work on more music to come.

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what is there to do about it?

about the flowers?

cause the shadows they’re casting on my wall in this dull grey of a sunset through my window almost made me forget for a second

and what is there to do about the fact that i still think they’re pretty?

and how it doesn’t make me feel less lonely


it’s funny cause i looked over at the pictures and papers pasted all over my walls and my 

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