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loving you was easier than loving myself but with you, they went hand in hand

if I could see myself through your liquid gold eyes maybe I’d be something good

and I’d embody the image of perfection you’ve never doubted that I could 

for perfection is only limited by the made-up idea of flaws

which of mine you’ve turned from things to hide to parts of me that fill you with awe 

you’re like a filter over my vision that makes the world seem much less bleak 

like I can take on all the harder things and no longer feel so weak 

it's like I can look at all the little things, beauty that makes this life worthwhile 

the same way that you find your world in my hair, my thoughts, my smile 

and all my quirks, quizzical looks, and the way I tend to pout

or always have random questions to ask for you to help me figure out 

and you feed my curiosity by loving my non-stop train of thought

although its passenger is mainly you 'cause you’re on my mind a lot 

living so much in my daydreams it’s crazy that you’re my reality 

and one day I can be back in place with your arms wrapped around me

where I’m unbelievably comfortable like you’re a safe haven from everything 

and you always ask me what I’d want if I could ask for anything 

but the truth is that the only answer I could instantly provide

is that I just want you, simply as you are, as long as you’re right by my side

~things i wrote for you back then

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